Music from Green Blues – Milt Ritter

You have stumbled across the first posting to Pal’s Music. My pal in this case is Milt Ritter, and the music contained in the three attached clips is taken from a documentary video Milt is currently producing – Green Blues.

This Is When It Makes Sense

Do It Yourself

Move In

In addition to being a man of unflagging optimism, good humor and formidable bar tending skills, Milt is a musician and an accomplished video producer with a background in local broadcast media. Green Blues is the account of his and his wife Chris’s quest to construct the greenest passive solar, net-zero house possible using local materials. That was the easy part. It got interesting when they factored in a modest budget, clung to high architectural standards, uncovered a host of unforseen technical realities, and confronted the strain on their relationship. Building such a home would be work enough for most, but Milt’s dream was to also document the entire shebang on the fly and single-handedly produce a finished video – including writing and playing the entire musical score – after its conclusion. With nothing more than a couple of decent microbrews, Some Gumbo bribed Milt into releasing clips of several of the original themes as entitled here.