Night Lessons Released

NightLessons Final Front CoverWell folks, it has been a long time coming…Night Lessons, the novel that has been in the works and/or spinning around in my head for some time, has finally been released as an eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords. It will soon be available as a print book on Amazon for your good old-fashioned page turning pleasure. Before uttering one more word of promotion, I must mention the contribution of my friend and colleague, Joan Pinkert, and my editor at Lucky Bat Books, Louisa Swann. Without their immense assistance I might never have gotten this project off the ground.

I am more than happy to report that the patience and good humor of my wife, Shara, even after the sixth edit and the umpteenth read-through, remains intact.

I have provided links to the booksellers from whom you may purchase a copy. You will find these booksellers’ links under the heading, My Web Links in the left column of the home page of this blog. In addition, I have recently created a website: and a Facebook page: donanslowauthor where you may read snippets from Night Lessons or other books currently in progress. The website, which will go live in early February will also provide the opportunity to listen to audio clips.

Night Lessons is on the surface a golf story, but it is much more: Engulfed by a locust storm along a remote Texas highway, two-bit gambler Hank Schwain and his son Rama seek relief at a golf course hidden deep in an arroyo of Mesquite Creek. Carlos Taddio, a ghostly greens keeper has foreseen their arrival and returns to Mesquite from the desert where he has lived for years since witnessing the deaths of two children on the mysterious 16th green. He labors under an impossible score that only Rama can help him settle.

In an enchanted midnight encounter Carlos discovers Rama possesses an amazing gift: a magic granted by the lost children’s spirits that elevates the aspirations – the games – of everyone he encounters…with one tragic exception. From that night, Rama, Hank and a cast of memorable characters are swept into a far greater game than golf. Rama becomes a caddie – a sensation – but as his celebrity grows, Hank, in a greedy rush to profit from his son’s magic, plunges towards disaster when he collides with a desperate golf hustler who also seeks to exploit Rama’s incredible gift.

I offer Night Lessons with a nod to the truly great authors of golf fiction, and with the sports writer’s axiom optimistically in mind: “the smaller the ball the better the game’s literature.”