Ingredients ThumbAlthough the ingredients for this Gumbo – words, audio tracks and video clips – have been feverishly tossed about since its début, the recipe for Some Gumbo is dialed in for now. By the time you read this page, the menu – that black bar beneath the banner photo – will include four ‘mother’ categories : Don’s Gumbo, Gumbo Media, Friends’ Folly and Presto Posts.  Here’s what to expect.

Don’s Gumbo provides the meat – the crab, shrimp and catfish as it were – in this Gumbo. The four sub categories are self-explanatory: Short Prose for the antsy reader; LongWinds include longer-form pieces 2500 words or more (not to be read on your smart-phone at the stop light); Verse, yes, poetry; and Book Clips which will be excerpts from my novels, Night Lessons and Hobo Graffiti.

Friends’ Folly is a place where my friends – some of whom are pretty damned creative – can post poems, prose, music, photographs, memos and video. Hopefully they will all contribute links to their blogs, websites or You Tube entries.

Gumbo Media will offer an outlet when wrist cramps, writers block or a brain freeze tamps down my written production. It will consist of three categories: Voice, Video and Music.

Presto Posts  is what may be considered more traditional blog fare: reasonably current and inconsequential observations on what in the world is going on in my neck of the woods – you know, my latest bowling scores and the like. Unless I am suffering a bout of self-importance or am simply desperate for material, I may not go here often. Unless you really care about me or are starved for reading matter, you should regard this area accordingly.

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