Howdy, and thanks photofor stopping by.
You can likely tell by the photo that I am long enough in the tooth to fit squarely into the boomer generation. Silver hair notwithstanding, I think a couple of years on the downside of mid-life isn’t all that bad a place to reside…for a while.

Born at the tail end of the forties, I was fortunate to have been nurtured in the optimism of the fifties, to have come of age in the idealism of the sixties, and to have been seasoned in the wondrous, maddening years thereafter. Who knows if we ever really grow up, but I feel as though I continue to mature – cask conditioned in the company of hard working, good-willed friends and a loving, complex family.

My father was a master storyteller and a pretty fair writer. There may be a genetic link, but somehow I just naturally gravitated towards words. The fact that my brothers and I were raised in a mobile household that floated between Nashville, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Salt Lake City, and that my work as a contract project manager on mining and industrial sites often leads me to remote, colorful locales and into the company of noble yet invisible people, has stirred my desire to share a taste of these – my life’s rich flavors. As in my father’s tales, the line between fact and fiction in my work tends to be a tad fuzzy, but neither of us ever claimed to be journalists.

There will be room in this site for posts from my acquaintances, posts that add flavors I could never hope to conjure. I hope somewhere in this gumbo you find a taste you like. Come back again…soon.

1 thought on “Howdy!

  1. Congratulations on the new blog Don. For those of us that will follow your blog entries, we are fortunate that you are both an excellent writer and an excellent story teller. I look forward to more.

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